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Take the hassle out of booking client appointments!

4 Modules 11 Chapters 58 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

By the end of module 1, you will have all your marketing assets ready to build a website and more!

More importantly ,  you'll know where these marketing assets are located when you need to set up a new service, create a graphic or advertisement.

This is also why the organization and planning come first. Most course creators think of going directly into the project and "figure it out as they go." Huge mistake!

Listen, setting up project management and organization isn't the most fun or exciting part of creating an appointment booking website. But it's necessary. So, let's get it over and done with and then get into the good stuff!

And also... welcome to this journey!

It's exciting to be at the start of something new.

Course Structure

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3 Chapters

Module 1 - Introduction - Organization - Planning

Gather, collect, create all your marketing assets BEFORE creating your website and appointment booking system!

Chapter 1: Introduction and Details 9 Lessons

Introduction and all about Bob

Discover what you'll get done by the end of this module and how to best get there.

Who this class is for and ....

If you're ready to learn, apply and grow your business this class is for you!

“Done for You” website design and digital marketing

If at any time you decide you just want someone else to build this, we can help.

Commenting and Feedback

Let me know how I can make the course better!
Leave your comments after each lesson!

The “first things last approach”

It's better to have your marketing assets ready before you start building your website

Upcoming courses, mastermind and coaching

I have so much more to teach, let me know what class you want to see next!

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Meet Judy Ellis

Who is Judy Ellis?

The BIG picture – the end goal

I want to see your appointment calendar full. An easy booking experience for your customers that they tell others to boost your business!

Chapter 2: Project Planning 3 Lessons

Create a folder called Marketing Assets

Create a folder where we can store all your marketing assets. You'll need these assets for your website, appointment booking, social media marketing and more!

Create sub folders for both photos and background images

Create subfolders to hold photos, background images, text, logos and more!

Create a ToDo list

Don't go overboard, just a document called "ToDo List" or use the Reminder/Task list in your phone

Chapter 3: Your marketing assets 10 Lessons

Summary of Marketing Assets

Next, we will be collecting assets for your website and digital marketing systems

Elevator Pitch and examples of websites

How to explain what you do in 10, 30 or 60 seconds

Your Logo

If you have a logo, great you're ready to go. If you need to create one I'll show you some amazing and simple ways. But don't spend too much time creating a logo, it's not required!

Your competitors content

Your competitors can give you ideas and inspiration BUT don't copy!

Existing Marketing Content

Do you have brochures, business cards, flyers or other marketing content you can use for your website?

Why photos are so important

Photos convey a message and make your website beautiful!

Website structure (Hero Image – more info – Services)

Find amazing free stock photography to use in your digital marketing

Why you need a business phone number

Don't give out your personal mobile phone number! 
Add a business line to your smart phone.

Create a presentation for your video overview

An intro video on your website shows the "real" you but doesn't have to be perfect.

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6 Chapters

Module 2: WordPress Website Design & Appointment Booking

Now that you have your marketing assets ready, let's build your website and add your appointment booking system

Goals and Objectives 1 Lesson

Chapter 1: WordPress Website Hosting and Setup 3 Lessons

Why WordPress vs Website Builders

Why WordPress is superior to any other website design platform

Website Hosting Simplified

It's easy to find web hosting but with WordPress you need to consider more factors. I'll show you simple and effective solutions.

Installing WordPress in Cpanel

If you purchase cPanel hosting you'll need to follow the WordPress setup wizard.

Chapter 2: WordPress Setup & Training 2 Lessons

WordPress Overview - One long video

See how pages, posts look before we customize anything. We start with a basic site and transform it into a beautiful website!

WordPress Settings

Know where to change the base settings and how to change the default email address.

Chapter 3: Installing your starter website and content 3 Lessons

Installing your starter website content

Next we'll add a theme and import your starter site!

Optimizing Photos

Do not use images larger than 100kb in your website

Before we edit the pages and posts

First, we need to set up and configure your appointment scheduling system.

Chapter 4: Amelia Appointment Booking System 12 Lessons

Why I recommend WP Amelia

I've spent hours and hours working with appointment booking services and plugins. WP Ameila is by far the best solution for the cost!

Purchase and download plugin software

Download the plugin but don't extract it. We need to upload the .zip file to the website next!

Amelia Appointment Settings

Next we add employees, categories, services, prices, descriptions, photos and more!

Adding Scheduling to your website!

Next I'll show you how to add the booking system to your website

Custom Fields in Amelia

If you have intake questions or custom fields, learn how here.

Closing thoughts on Amelia and options

Amelia is an amazing solution to your appointment booking needs!

Calendar Settings and more

View your appointment calendar and how to sync with Google calendar

Payment Gateways

Learn to setup payment gateways if you collect payments at time of booking.

Email notifications - Optional

You'll only need this IF your emails are not being delivered to your customers or your inbox.

IF everything is working well, skip this

Text (SMS) Notifications

IF you want to send a reminder, will an email be effective? It's better to send a text!

Adding [Shortcodes] around your website

There are a number of [shortcode] options and you can add them to multiple pages, widgets and even blog posts!

Chapter 5: Editing your Theme and Content 11 Lessons

Welcome to Chapter 5: Editing your website content


Now we pull it all together and edit your site content, add your appointment booking and more!

Creating and changing your logo

I'll demonstrate creating a logo from scratch on IF you already have a logo you'll see how to upload the logo

Replacing photos on the home page

Next we'll replace the photos with those you have in your assets folders

Editing home page text and words

Now we start replacing default content with your text and words

Changing Theme Fonts

I'll show you how but don't advise it. The fonts were picked and the website designed around it. You risk changing the overall look but it will be good to know.

Having some fun with search and replace

I started with a "yoga" website and I'll show you how to search/replace the word "yoga" for "energy healing" on the entire site. If you are a barber or lawyer or accountant you can do the same!

Editing Pages and Menus

I'll show you how to add/remove pages if you need more or less. After you change the pages you'll need to update your menus or create a footer menu.

Adding Appointment Booking to inner pages

Add your appointment booking to multiple areas of your website

Editing Contact & About Me Pages

Customize your About and Contact Pages

Congratulations you reached a major milestone!

At this point you'll have a fully functional website, with appointment booking, ready to share and take appointments!

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2 Lessons

Module 3: You did it! Putting it all together

Share your new website on social media to attract visitors and book appointments. Create articles in your blog to share on social media, attract visitors and book appointments. Rinse and repeat over and over!


Your website is your publishing platform that connects to social media, email and search engines!

Sharing blog posts to social media

Your blog is your publishing platform to share you knowledge, experience, stories, reviews and more. Post to expand your website content and share on social media sites to bring in more visitors!

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2 Chapters

Module 4: Bonuses and Extras

Take your website to the next level with these extras!

These options are not required to start booking appointments and can be added later.

How to Set Up a Gmail Calendar to Sync 1 Lesson

Setup a free Gmail account for Google Analytics, webmaster tools

Do you have a Google or Office 365 Calendar setup on your phone?

You can use the free Google docs/slides/spreadsheets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1 Lesson

Keyword Keg and Google Search Examples

Learn about the free SEO tool Keyword Keg