A DIY Appointment Booking Website that helps you run your entire business!

Learn step-by-step how to build an appointment booking system to grow your business with less hassle!

Watch the video to see how

Learn step by step, no technical experience required!

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This course is perfect for

Law consultants

Schedule meetings, list the services, collect payments, manage staff.

Gym & sports

Allow clients to choose, book and pay for their group or individual training with ease.

Holistic Practitioners

Appointment scheduling, healing services, payments, and other tools.

Spa Salons

Launch a comprehensive online receptionist desk for your Spa or Massage salon.

Repair Centers

List the repair services you provide, servicemen and their availability.

Barber & Beauty Salons

Allow customers to choose a stylist, browse procedures and book visit in advance.

Get paid at time of booking!

Book MORE appointments with LESS hassle!

Your business success is based on appointments.

You work hard to build your practice, but you can't waste time taking emails, calls and text messages to book the appointments. How do you manage cancellations and rescheduling?

You may have a great website but your visitors can't see your time available to book an appointment. Many don't want to call or message, so they leave to visit your competitors.

Over 50% of website visitors use a mobile device. Is your website mobile-ready? 

Creating a mobile ready website is easy these days BUT you're often drawn to "easy website builders." They may look good but you lose features and benefits of using a WordPress website.

Learn to manage your website content!

It won't take long to learn how WordPress works. I'll show you how to build a beautiful website you'll be happy to share!

I'll show you how add an amazing appointment booking system with automated email and text reminders. 

You'll learn how to share your website, blog posts and more across social media and increase your business!

Save time, book more and grow your business!

WordPress is the #1 website development platform in the world because it's so expandable! 
Add appointment booking, sell products and affiliate solutions.

Master SEO, email newsletters, social media marketing and more!

YOU own your website content vs. renting from a website builder!

Learn how to manage, grow and expand YOUR digital marketing system!

Reduced price enrollments end Dec 31st, 2019

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Class

By the end of our class you'll have a beautiful WordPress website with appointment booking.
You'll have the knowledge to grow and expand your site AND build websites for others!

Learn to build the best website!

Why settle for another website builder when over 33% of the Internet runs on WordPress! I'll help you setup your domain, hosting, security and more!

Knowledge is power!

Website design tools have advanced so much, you don't need to hire a website developer. Learn how to manage YOUR content!

Stop renting from others!

I know it looks easy to try the popular website builders but you can't take your content with your or make a backup. Your limited by their systems and have to start over if you change hosting companies!

You own your content!

I'll show you how to make a backup and store it on your local computer. You can literally restore that backup to a new domain and hosting plan if you want to replicate your website. You could charge others for web design!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

For over 20 years I've been helping business organizations with their website hosting, design and digital marketing.
My focus now is creating courses to teach and empower people to manage their digital marketing!


Web Design College Instructor

I've learned advanced digital marketing concepts I'll share with my students


Digital Marketing Consultant

Traditional methods of setting appointments can be so time consuming using phone, text and email. Create an automated system!



All my clients book their photography sessions via my website! I can focus more on my business!

Here's what you'll learn in the course

It doesn't matter your technical background. I'll take you step-by-step through the process!


Module 1: Organization and Planning

Your "marketing assets" folder will hold your words, photos of you, images for marketing, flyers, presentations and more! You'll create your "impact statement" for your website and have these materials available for advanced digital marketing.


Module 2: WordPress Website Design & Appointment Booking

Next we'll start from the beginning, step-by-step to create a beautiful WordPress website using our starter sites. Edit the images, photos, content to make it your own. Add appointment booking module to simplify your scheduling and reminders via email and SMS text.


Module 3: You Did It! Putting it all together

At this point you'll have an amazing appointment booking website, now it's time to tell others about it. Share via social media, email and text. Start filling your schedule with appointments!


Take your website to higher levels

The power of WordPress, is in the ability to grow and expand the digital marketing! 
Learn more about video, email and social media marketing

Bonus 1
Video Marketing

YouTube is the #2 search engine on the Internet. I highly encourage you to create videos and share your experiences. People want to meet you and connect with you!

It's not hard to create a video with your smart phone and upload to YouTube. Sure the first videos may not be the best, but that's how everyone got started! 

People aren't looking for perfection in your videos, they are looking to hear about your passions!

Bonus 2
Email Marketing

Email continues to be a highly effective marketing system. Sure we spend a lot of time texting or on social media, but the messages get lost quickly! Emails are in the inbox until your subscribers read them!

I'll show you how to setup an email marketing system and allow people to subscribe to your blog. 

Email automation allows you to send a welcome email and follow up emails after so many days, weeks or year!

Bonus 3
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing continues to grow! Voice search via Alexa/Siri could surpass text search someday!

I'll show you simple ways to find keyword phrases that get the most searches monthly. You can also see how to look at keywords your competitors are using.

With this knowledge you'll know how to create the pages, post and content to rank higher in the search engines!

Your teacher, Bob Randklev

In 1998 Bob Randklev started his company CyberInnovation.com. The primary focus was website hosting and email services. Five years later he started his website design career as business organizations needed someone to create their website. In 2008 Bob discovered WordPress and he's created hundreds of websites for clients nationwide. In 2015 a consulting project at GoDaddy turned into almost three years. Bob helped clients with their WordPress hosting and security. For many years Bob has planned to convert his knowledge to courses and empower others to learn!

Join Bob and his training to take your business to a new level.

You'd pay thousands for a developer to create a similar site!

When I launched my website GettingAnswers.com and shared it with other Energy Healers, many contacted me wanting a similar site. A few were happy to hire me to build their appointment booking website. But others weren't able to spend thousands of dollars, but they wanted to learn how. This was a motivating factor for me to create this course!

I've invested countless hours creating the course outline, the videos and the course software. If you have any questions during the course, you can leave them in the comments system. 

Appointment Booking Wordpress Website

Learn step by step how to create a digital marketing system you own and manage!



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We want you to be 100% happy with your class. We want you to refer others to our courses and we'll pay a fee for that! Your feedback helps us to improve every lesson!

By the end of this course you'll know how to manage YOUR WordPress website and appointment booking system. You'll gain the knowledge to build similar systems for others!

Appointment Booking Wordpress Website

Learn step by step how to create a digital marketing system you own and manage!



  • One Time Payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your success is my focus!

No longer will you need to wait for your website to be updated. You'll manage your own appointment booking system. You'll have a platform to publish content, reviews and market other products/services!

I want to empower you to manage YOUR digital marketing success!

Bob Randklev

Cyber Innovation Digital Marketing Training